happy freakin new years.

its 2006 (and it only has been for 5 days)..not 2010. so please stop talking about the olympics as if it is going to occur tomorrow. It's not going to be tomorrow..or even the next day..or even the week after that. The Apocalypse will probably happen between now and then anyways, so don't even bother.

On another note..my new years resolution is going to be once again as it always has been and will continue to be.."1280 X 1024". Unlike some people, my resolution is consistent. It is something I manage to achieve, maintain and stick with EVERYDAY. It does not "yo-yo" and it is not something i shove to the back of my closet/life until the next new year comes around (applause.) It is a goal set by myself and conquered by myself, and I am positive that this is not something the rest of you can say about YOUR new years resolutions :)

Well..thats that for now. Minn is coming to visit me on the 26th and we are going to have a blast. Tofino and some of the Gulf islands are on our plates for sure as well as some good hikes at each location. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? Anyone know of anything important going on at all possibly in Vic/Tofino and anywhere in between? Feedback is much appriciated.

Thank you good night.