this could be the most exciting month of the year!

Good news everyone. My friends are coming to visit meeeeeeeeeeee!! Here is a little ..itnerary if you will.

THERESA AND ADRIENNE will be arriving in Vancouver on the 16th of Jan and i will be spending the night at the fabulous Fairmont Waterfront!!
(sure is nice to have some friends kickin around still all up in the Fairmont business!!)

And then we are headed back to the island with an extremely quick and action packed 3 days until they have to return to lake louise. :( i know sad right, its definatley a short visit but i will take what I can get!

MINN will be arriving the 26th of Jan and is staying for a whole week! We have so much planned already. We will probably hit the town on the friday and then gathering up some friends and heading out to Tofino for a fun filled weekend at Crystal Cove!

Good times are definately ahead. Lets just hope it doesn't rain the entire time.....wishful thinking i know i know.

So if anyone has any ideas on what we should see/do around vic and the tofino area please let me know for sure I love being a tourist!!!

Thats all for tonight. I may be to excited to sleep tonight but well see.