Hello once again. I have been noticing lately along with the abundance of rain we have been recieving, the plethera of different ways numerous weather channels have come up with to try to make it seem like the weather is changing when really we all know...its just rain. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cloudy with periods of light rain
Cloudy. Some rain is likely
Rain likely
Rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers late Chance of rain 80%. (ok...does not mean it is basically just going to rain all day???....)
Chance of showers
Windy with periods of rain
Windy. Rain very likely
Mainly couldy and rainy
Chance of showers.

The common denominator in every single one of these weather descriptions? They all have a 80% chance of percipitation. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

My question is...isn't it quite easy to assume that if it is raining there WILL be clouds? I'm pretty sure that when I am walking down the street on the 26th day of consecutive non stop rain I am not very likely to say "wow, it has been quite windy today with periods of rain." No. I'm most likely to say "Oh what, its raining? huh, I didn't notice. Must be because I am soaked to the bone and have been for the last 26 days so I kind of just blend in with the weather." Why can't they just say. "Rain for the next 30 days." and just have it covered. We could all have the next 30 days written off, it would be so simple!

Does anyone else have different ways they have heard to say it is raining? If you do I would like to add it to my post so let me know!


not not telling you who said...

80% chance of percipitation - you skid :)