Britney Spears shaves her head

I know I know we don't care about the rich and famous and all the crazy shit they do with their time and money but this one cannot go unnoticed. Can you say mental breakdown? I hope she gave her hair to kids with cancer.


bean said...

Maybe she's trying to cook up some attention since she hasn't put out an album in a while? I can't wait until the tabloids get ahold of this "Britney's Shocking Hairstyle! Why YOU should care, page 5!"

adrienne said...

i think that its mental that somebody as famous as britney spears shaves her head on the spur of the moment in which was obviously a publicity stunt. Did the wench stop to think of how positive this action could have been if she had done this for a cancer charity and raised money to shave it? What sux is now the only people who benefit from this ridiculous behavoir are trash magazine editors and the moron who owned the salon. I say burn her bloody hair and the burn the idiot who paid over one million for it, how dare people spend that kind of money on something so ludicras when there are starving and sick children in this world? Britney Spears, I hope you never come to australia because we are outraged by your behaviour.