So we all know I am a bit notorious for procrastinating and losing things. Today, we are going to talk about procrastination. I don't do it for the sake of self sabotage, or because I don't WANT to do something, but more out of fear of the unknown. But I realized there is no more time for that. No more time to wait for the right thing to happen to me, if you want something you have to make it happen. Now don't think that I am getting soft and mushy and positive on you or anything, I'm still going to be the same sarcastic, cynical girl you know and either love to hate or hate to love, because it is easy and I am good at it, but at the same time I might try DOING something while I’m at it. And of course if I had my choice, I would put this little mission on the backburner and keep it to myself to sit and collect dust for another year, but if I figure I put it out in the open, then not only do I have to hold myself to it, but I can't let all of you down either!! I know you are probably all getting tired of the same old woe is me rant so I'm doing you all a favour. I think the first step to this is to start with a list of things I am interested in doing and accomplishing. Now at this point in time a lot of these are just mere ideas, some more far fetched then others, but you gotta start with something right? Ok HERE WE GO!!

1. Go back to school (either to be a Medical Office Assistant or a Hospital Unit Clerk) - I have chosen this particular education, because I am very interested in the Medical Field and have aspirations to one day be an addictions counsellor or hold a position that assists troubled youth. Now because I am not sure this is exactly for me, I figure if I go to school for eight months to become an MOA or HUC I can get a position within an addictions center or facility so I can be exposed to this environment while working and making money.

2. Volunteer/Internship in Ghana, Africa - Now the only reason this one is not number one on my list is because of finances. My bank account is not in the best shape right now (to say the very least) so if I go to school first, and either try to take my practicum in Ghana, or head over there before my student loan payments have to kick in then I am set. I am in love with Africa and its people’s struggles and stories, and I think the only way I can truly be satisfied is if I experience the culture and beauty of it all first hand. Now I know someone reading this ( is FREAKING out at this idea because we all know that some parts of Africa don't have a very good.....reputation...and I don't think she is all to comfortable with my obsession with Somalia, a place with no recognized central government authority, but not to fear. I am not going there. As much as I'd love to help those in danger, I don't think I would come out alive. So this is why I have opted for Ghana. It is considered to be one the safest and most welcoming countries in Africa, and it is the country of choice for most volunteers. Another exciting part of this chapter in my life is that my good friend April wants to travel to volunteer as well so hopefully she can join me on this journey.

3. Take an art class - I miss getting my hands dirty. I want to be covered in paint. (Well...only if I am wearing scrap clothes or it washes out.) But seriously tho. I miss being creative

4. Start skipping again - I think I have made it very clear throughout the years of this blog's existence that skipping was a huge part of my life. I miss it VERY much and will do whatever it takes to get back into it. It is one way I would like to fundraise for my trip to Ghana. For a long time I have always dreamed of organizing and hosting a benefit show with a skipping performance as the main act to fundraise for a good cause, but until now I had never known what the cause was going to be. So now that I have the motivation and the purpose, I really hope this is something that can happen. I just need the bodies...any skippers out there? There are quite a few teams here in Victoria now, so I'll have to try to track them down.

5. Biking to work more - Now that I have a stronger light and the proper reflective gear I can now venture out onto the Galloping Goose in the dark. The only thing holding me back from making the very short journey of 30 minutes to work via my bicycle is that once the trail is over it shoots you into one of the busiest and most confusing intersections in downtown Victoria. And just remember, this is all takes place for me during rush hour as well. Scares me to death.

6. Be a tourist in my own hometown - I still don't understand how the tickets can be only 9 dollars, but it covers free admission to some of Victoria's best tourist attractions Feb. 28th - March 4th. I think that one explains itself, I am a sucker for cheesy learning and this town is full to the brim with it.

7. Start selling my jewellery - I have SOOOO MANY supplies and beads that it’s almost taking over my bedroom. I have no idea why I don't just do it....It sort of has to do with the fact that I am a perfectionist when it comes to anything I create and nothing ever feels good enough. But I guess what is considered imperfect to me, is a treasure to someone else. Does anyone own or work in a shop or salon that would like to take some of my creations under their wing?

8. Pay off my credit card bill - This one would be higher on the list, but with my current budget (that sends me plummeting 200 dollars under every month) and my current position it is not possible. It also relies on and ties in with other things listed previous. So unless I win the lottery or some kind rich person decides to pay it off for me, it will remain as it is.

Now I have many more ideas and aspirations but I can't imagine anyone has read into it this far anyways. So I will post it in segments, along with my progress. Hopefully this works. See you all in a decade or two.


bean said...

As for the art classes, the former Victoria College of Art (now the "Academy of Fine Arts") has drop in figure drawing classes on Saturdays starting this Saturday (the 17th). It costs $10 and the classes go from 10 am to 1 pm.

Just an FYI :)