What an amazing concert that was. Raine Maida, you are an absolute genious. Has anyone heard his "yellow brick road"? I'ts not on his EP and it is imperative to my well being that I track this song down. It is fantastic.

Hiding in the shadows under the hood of her sweater, Chantal backed up Raine during his opening acts on her piano. Although her prescence on stage was unknown to others, I could tell the moment she touched those keys that it was the one and only Chantal Kreviazuk. They were both amazing. I must say that Chantal and Raine both are a thousand times better live then they are recorded. Which is a HUGE deal (because I love them both recorded as well.) Chantals voice just radiated throughout the entire 900 seat theatre. Although we were seated in what some refer to as the "nose bleed" section accidentally, it didn't even matter. Her music and voice would reach all the way to the ends of the earth if there was no sound barrier above us (aka..the roof.) Anyways to sum it up, it was a fantastic evening with top notch company (being my mommy, chantal and raine) and will be embedded in my memory forever.

Peace and Love,


Eben said...

Would the "Yellow Brick Road" song you mentioned happen to be a cover of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John? If it is, I can see Raine doing a good job of it, he has a pretty good voice.