Dear Blog,
I am deeply sorry that I COMPLETELY disregarded your 2nd birthday. Beginning of Janurary was kind of a hectic and unsettling time, so please do forgive me. Ladies and Gentlemen, Janurary 8th, 2007 marks the 2nd year in my radtastic blogs life. Way to go for those of you who have held on this long, and go me for actually keeping a "journal" for longer then 5 entries. That is the good thing about an electronic journal..Because if a year or two passes since your last post, you dont have to feel bad about all the catching up to do and try to make yourself feel better by creating some kind of fresh start by runing off to the store to buy yourself yet ANOTHER journal to jot ANOTHER 5 entries in before the cycle begins all over again. No no, those days are over. I think I have about 9 journals with only the first few pages used...Does anyone want to purchase a collection of partially used journals? Might be kind of interesting to try and carry on from where I left off. Hmm that is a good marketing scheme for sure. Forget that I even mentioned it. MY IDEA. (anyways) This way, I can just pick up from where i finished on the previous post like we never missed a beat (or not and just jump right into something completely different...oh wait, thats what i do EVERYTIME I write a post in here, better keep that pattern.) And think about it this way: I am also saving trees. 1000 points for me. *applause*. Ok really though, thanks for all your comments, they mean more to me then you will ever know. Adrienne, those are the kindest words anyone has ever said to me, I will honestly carry that with me forever. Thanks for makeing me smile a million smiles :)

Yours truly,



bean said...

Well, happy belated blogday!

Lisabelle said...

Thank you :)