"Things I figured out" - excerpt from cockeyed.com

School districts get money for each kid in class per day.
School districts get twice as much money for a kid that attends school 180 days than for one that only attends 90 days. The figure varies widely, but in California public schools, the price is about $40 a day. If you are a student who is considering skipping a day of class, be sure to contact your school administrator and see what kind of incentive he can offer to guarantee your attendance.

When drawing a cartoon, write the words first, then draw a speech balloon around them.
Yeah. Don't draw the balloon first.
Drawing the speech balloon first is like buying a hat without trying it on for size.

Liquid condensing on a cold Coke is from the air.
A cold soda doesn't need a leak to to leave a ring of water on the coffee table. There is invisible gaseous moisture in the air. If you have an ice-cold Coke, the moisture in the air cools down, and turns to liquid water on the side of your can.

Movie theatres get little of the money from movie ticket sales.
People visit theaters to see movies, and a lot of price of the ticket goes directly back to the moviemakers. Less than 10% of the ticket price goes to the theater itself. If theatres weren't selling Coke for $5 a cup, they'd be in trouble.
Not that you should feel sorry for them.

Game controllers are meant to be held gently.
Pushing the buttons harder will not make your character jump higher, run faster, or fight harder, and your thumbs will blister.

Almost all Helium balloons are powered by NUCLEAR REACTIONS.
Helium is a by-product of nuclear electric generation. Why won't Bush let the Iranians make their own Helium Balloons?