"The Tale of Epic Porportions - condensed version"

I thought I would wait just long enough and a day until i revealed my epic tale. Alas, here it is.

So I have left the comfort of my parents home to move into the "city." My apartment is a 2 bdrm newly renovated (with tile floors!) and I am sharing this lovely little package with my roomate michelle who has already been previously introduced. I have been here just over a month now and I love it. Other then the fact that we have on numerous occasions flooded out the unit below us and have been visted by the plumber a few times, I think the problem is cleared up now, leaky pipe or something? It has a pool , sauna and gym which I have visited a few times but hopefully I will frequent it more often now that I have REAL DAYS OFF!! I haven't had 2 days off in a row since easter so I am definately enjoying it...but at the same time i also get bored rather quickly.

I have yet another new job at the museum. I have taken a leave of absence from Old Navy and now work strictly at my two jobs at the museum. For stalker-ish purposes (i get my insecurities of disclosing personal information via the internet from minn..thanks a lot.) I am not going to at this time disclose exactly what the positions that I hold at the museum are, but those of you that are close enough to know me at all will know what these positions entail. nuff said. My new job is exciting and more rewarding then others I have had in the past, but I am also finding it quite challenging, but also includes a substantially higher wage then previous positions so I'm sure I can tough it out. Now that I work under the government umbrella I am hoping this is just the beggining to something even greater, but all in good time.

My friends Minn and Kelly (shes probably going to kill me for saying her name twice..for stalker-ish reasons once again..haha sorry you gotta love me anyways). just came to visit me and it was so nice to see them. We had an awesome time, best place we went was Hatley Castle and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Victoria has 2 castles still standing Craighdarroch and Hatley, and they were both owned by the Dunsmir Family. Hatley Castle was built in 1908 for James Dunsmuir who was a coal and rail baron (like his father) who also served as athe Premier and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Hatley Castle is also home to Royal Roads University and resides on 565 acers of gardens and forest, and serves as a bird sanctuary as well. (can anyone find the peacocks? Its probably just a tape they play...)I

Ishiburo Kishida, the individual who designed the Japanese Gardens at Hatley Park, was also responsible for the beautiful Japanese Gardens at the world renowned Butcharts Gardens. During the Dunsmir era this vast garden was operated by over 100 gardeners round the clock. Could you imagine how much it would cost just to keep your backyard looking like that? exhausting! Within Hatley Park you will also find some of the largest and oldest trees in BC. One of them is well over 6 feet wide!!

Ok enough with the history detour, were back on track. Anyways, I really do reccomend going to Hatley Park even just to see the gardens. They are free and did I mention they are beautiful?

It was sad to see my friends go, but I had been working the whole time they came to visit and I was exhausted and probably wasn't the funnest for them *sorry guys*.

I just bought some new rollerblades. They are a bit of an eye sore, kind of looks like I am ready to go onto Gladiators or something, just need to get some spandex. But apparantly they are going to "blow my mind" with the difference in speed and control compared to my last pair... so we shall see how that goes.

Today I went for a little tour of Mt.Douglas. What a gorgeous place with a gorgeous view, I will definatley be spending more time there I hope. Just in case you dont believe me about the view, here is a pic to prove it.

Well that is about it for the condensed version of my tale of epic porportions for now. To some of you this may come as a dissapointment because I know you have gone through quite the withdrawl from not reading a post in a while..I know its hard. But I am back with full force so brace yourselves. This is Lisa signing off.

Umm..ok signed off?..what do you say after you said you are signing off..do you just leave..or do you say like Thank you? or do you apologize for leaving?..hmm...