ok. so here is the re-invent. I am still looking for a better font and such..but i am tired of sorting through code that i can still hardly understand so here it is for now. Other then the fact that you can hardly read it, what do you think? Kind of retro 80s inspired and i am a fan of tacky. so expect to see lots of really gross yellows and pinks all over this unit. youre going to love it because well. you love me.

love is all around us.

can someone please tell me why some of my headings are green? they should all be PINK. PINK PINK PINK!! help me...(minn??)


Anonymous said...

its hard to read. change yer bloody colours.

Anonymous said...

oh, and they're only green if they're links.


h3 a:link
h3 a:hover

styles, etc. need to be changed to match your

h3 styles

Anonymous said...

it is gorgeous, i absolutely lurve the 80s colors. don't change a thing lisabelle...except maybe your hoodie, it smells like dirt.
love you :)

Anonymous said...

the green. the green.

its still here!

you best get rid of it,

but the pink is nice

like the cover of victorias secret