Phidippus johnsoni


So the other day my friends Jesse and Jamie came for a visit to Victoria. It was so nice to see you guys! But let me tell you a little story almost unrelated to our daily excursions.

We were at hatley castle yet again. (I know, I am totally in love with this place but I think they have caught on to me because now they charge 8$ to get in!...But of course we snuck in.) Anyways. And I was walking down these stairs and running my hand along the railing when i feel this really gross and furry thing underneath my hand and fall to the ground. So I look closely and what do I see??!


Ok. Seriously, even if you are like the toughest manliest man there is, you would still be grossed out by touching this thing. Funny thing was as I was trying to take pictures of it, I was joking around about how it was probably going to jump up and attack my face or something cuz I was so close. Yeah..Lisa went home to do a little research about her new gross furry friend and what does she find? IT IS A JUMPING SPIDER! They can jump up to 3 ft when attacking their prey! They attack their prey by by scoping them out with their eyes (they are one of the best seeing spiders in the world..and I believe it, look at those ghastly things) and then they pounch on their unsuspecting prey!! EWWWW!

And thats not it. Look at those FANGS!! holy mother! Bites from this spider are known to be very painful, itchy, cause redness and significant swelling. Some of the other symptoms include painful muscles and joins, headache, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting! This spider packs a pretty intense punch. I am so lucky to be alive right now!!! hahaha.

My roomate Michelle Is deathy afraid of these creepy crawlies so please do not make her read this post. Michelle, stop reading. Oh wait, its over... My bad :)


Travis said...

Yikes!!!! I have a spider named sir cuddle winks and we drink tea together on sunny afternoons. Mr cuddle winks is really insecure and hates other spiders so we never invite them for afternoon tea.

Anonymous said...

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