The adventures of Rainbow Shadow and Moonbeam Delilah

So Myself- Moonbeam Delilah and Rainbow Shadow (formerly known as Travitron) Went to the summer solstice festival yesterday evening and boy what an event it was. Rainbow sporting his pirate t-shirt and me sporting a nice purple blanket tassels included took the festival by storm. And by storm I mean tried to mingle amongst the mass of people of a hippie-ish nature only to feel completely secluded as a sudden gap of space created itself around us. Do people really hate us that much? Do we smell? We don't really need THAT much personal space. Maybe it is because they are so terribly jealous about how much of an awesome time we are having that they are just overwhelmed with hatred towards the fun. Or maybe they are just extremely jealous of my new cree dance...we shall find out all in good time in future adventures I am sure. Either way, I Moonbeam, and Rainbow shadow both agree that on the longest day of the year people should be utilizing the extra amount of sun provided for the day by creating inventions that require the extra use of light. Like a Solar powered Rocket ship. But instead people choose to waste it away dancing amongst the brush of Dallas road. Where on earth is the productivity!! Work now play later people!!

On a side note, as the night progressed we migrated over to the Beacon Hill place you get Ice cream. (is that the formal name). And let me tell you, best place in town for ice cream. And i'm not just saying that because they have won the award for the best ice cream for like the last decade, and im also not just saying this because there is one guy working there that has been there for over 50 years, it actually is the best ice cream in town. You should try getting some fries and dipping them into it. Delicious. (Contrary to popular belief, if you do dip your fries in ice cream it is completely normal and no one will stare at you.)

Gotta go to work now, more adventures to plot.

- Moonbeam Delilah.


Anonymous said...

FYI it's actually called the beacon drive in slash rehabilitation center because I swear half the employees looked like ex cons. Unfortunately, the parting of the dreadlock/patchouli sea was totally awkward and I would just like to saY that next year the soltice festival should be invite only because it's totally obvious not wanted
it's just one giant jerkface hippy clique.

Rainbow Shadow

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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