Scrapbook Invasion

So it's 2am and i just finished watching the MTV Movie awards (did i mention michelle my roomie is an expert show taper? It is an art really.) and I just thought of the most excellent idea.

Since I am so interested in my younger self and lookin back on the good ol times (I mean what can I say I was a fabulous kid, an angel really and I know both my parents would back me up on this..right guys?) I decided I am going to scan some real pieces of art to put up on my site. And these are REAL genuine valuable peices of my first works as a child. Absolutely brilliant. They display such passion and raw emotion. Vivid memories from a 5 year olds mind. One of my favorites being the Ninja Turtle rejection fiasco. That moment changed my life forever. Get ready folks for this priceless collection created by a child prodigy (haha I'm sooo modest) it's unveiling will change the world as we know it.

A special thanks to my mom and dad for holding on to such a fasinating and timeless collection. Without your support this showcase would not be possible.

Hey mom, where is the scrapbook? LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, we are wondering when the posting will be and if prints of the ninja turtle fiasco will go on sale.

Rainbow Shadow

Anonymous said...

and can i buy one too please?

Anonymous said...

you promised me some art!!! You know, its not my fault that everyone hates me.