Ninja Turtle Fiasco Prints

Now I have noticed a rather high demand for some of my peices of younger art, primarily for the so-called "Ninja Turtle Fiasco." Now Rainbow Shadow I noticed your previous comment regarding when these famous prints will go on sale and how much they will be going for. I do have a waiting list set up already and if you would like to be added to such a list please contact me via intergalatic office mail transporter, specifically adressed to "Lisa the Great". These prints are available for 4 million dollars a peice but like I have mentioned previously, they are in EXTREMELY high demand. For an extra mere 2 million you can also have your copy of the ninja turtle fiasco signed by the famous child artist, me, Rainbow Delilah formally known as Lisa the Great.

Now I can understand your anticipation for such a display, and are itching to know when a sample image will be available through the greatest blog ever created. I am happy to announce that these historic artifacts will be in my possesion by tomorrow afternoon. (Friday, June 23rd to be specific.)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (once I have metioned PREVIOUSLy) via intergalactic office mail transporter or through the comment section located in the greatest blog ever created.

This is Lisa the great signing off.

P.S. This message is for my mom...uhh hey mom..I know you can't read this because of the black background so you can get steve to read it for you if you like...I'm coming home to visit tomorrow and I need the scrapbook. Love you.