On a clear day

So I just got back from a very cute movie. "On a clear day." It was fantastic not only because the movie was great, but also because my friend travis and I were the only two people in the entire theatre. What could be better then having a whole theatre to yourself? It was absolutely incredible. We were however, also 25 minutes early for the film...gotta get a good seat right?What was almost more incredible was the stench of human waste as we exicted the building. bleck people are so gross I had to hold my breath. We wouldn't have exited this way in the first place (we went through the back doors) but we did so because we figured if we hadn't gone to see this film on a sunday night at 9 (it was the last one playing that evening) that the staff would have gone home early. You could kind of tell by the look on their faces they were definatley not expecting us.

After the film and the expedition through the stench we proceeded to part ways when travis kindly offered to drive me to my car. And thank goodness he did because I lost it. I would have been out there until the wee hours of the morning (IN SHORTS!) if it wasn't for travis and his trusty automobile. We had driven around for what seemed like lightyears before we found the poor thing. I was so scared. and embarassed..I mean really ..who loses a car? Oh wait, I have done it once already.

One time back in the day when i worked at the good ol wal mart in nelson, bc, my mom decided to drive me home from work that day. 5 hours later my pops and i decide to take a little drive down to 7-Eleven for some late night slurpies when "Gasp!" My car is not in the driveway. Panic set in. Can you believe I didn't remember that I had driven to work that day and actually left my car down in the wal-mart parking lot???!! It took my mom dad and myself to remember!!!WHO DOES THAT! WHY IS IT SO EASY FOR ME TO LOSE MY CAR. This doesn't happen to normal people..does it?

Anyways, thats the exciting story of my sunday evening. I shall go to sleep now. Excellent times had by all.

Thanks again travis for remaining calm throughout the whole brouhaha (well actually, it wasn't a brouhaha at all I just like the word) if it wasn't for you I would still be walking around aimlessly and pouting about how cold I was, possibly leading to a mental breakdown.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, hahah remember when you forgot your car. So today I was entering some guys annual pass info (after you left) and his email was something like guru of arts. but is was all put together so his email was like guruofarts@shaw.com hahaha guru of farts lmao. Anyways it was really funny and I wanted to laugh in his face