Ok new rule.

as much as i love your comments (i actually have some!!) the new rule is you have to leave your name when you do it. There is to many anonymous people leaving msgs and although I really enjoy deciphering who leaves what...(minn..haha) , and the concept of anonymity which I follow throughout my daily life, it is not accepted here in my little blogosphere. (and yes blogosphere is a word in the dictionary. it became official in 1997...I wish I could have invented it.)

Ok kidlets. I hope we all understand :)

P.S. And don't try to use the excuse that you wish to remain anonymous because you wish to Have no distinctive character or recognition factor and belong to "a very great, almost anonymous center of people who just want peace." cuz I'm not buying it.

P.P.S. Oh and just for the record, my hoodie no longer smells like dirt because I washed it 6 times. - This message goes out to ms. not so anonymous -The stench has finally subsided. Getting sprayed with Dirt perfume (seriously. it exsists, and I have never seen a perfume that matched its name so perfectly) Is not one of my proudest, or happiest moments of my life but I am willing to forgive..but I will definatley never forget :P haha. What are friends for hey?


Anonymous said...

ok, first of all, this is what I think of your new so-called "rule": Pffffffft

Secondivly, you haven't even implemented the technology to enforce such a "rule". I can still post anonymously. ha.

In a post-9/11-world, I think its important to be able to post anonymously.

Anony Mous