Beautiful Disaster

I would probably skrem to if i didnt get eney sleep.

Shortest story you may have ever read (but also the most . Definatley no fooling around here. Short sweet and to the point is always a good approach, no need to fluff it up with useless words. I mean if the kid was crying and then he stopped you have got a solid structure : implied setting (bedroom), plot (and a thick one at that) and a nice resolution followed by an oh so happy ending. (for all of us.) Note the "Jump Rope for Heart" Logo guy lurking in the background. What on earth is he doing in there?

My brother always had this thing to write certain dates and his name completely backwards...maybe the 5 in the date is a tribute to him? Either that or me having a tiny moment of dislexia, your call I guess cuz I sure as heck don't remember. (you'd think I would the way I fondly, or not so fondly recall other vivid memories from my childhood.)

Brilliant words Lisa. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Miniscule is the new narrative. This is way ahead of our time.
Squish Squish

gremlin cody said...

cool site
-the gremlin in the tin